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Outsourcing Partners Inc. helps you recruit people who love what they do, believe in your company’s vision, and most importantly, belong on your team.

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High retention rate

Due to our customized hiring approach, we have a high retention rate that's unmatched, inexpensive, and simply efficient.


At OPI, mediocrity doesn’t exist. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards which fuel our growth and leads to better results.

Rigorously vetted candidates

Each candidate you receive is thoroughly screened both technically and culturally to find you the perfect fit

Tenacious & Persistent

Our tenacious and persistent approach is what drives us forward every day. We are unstoppable when it comes to finding the right candidates.

our services

Our Services

Contingent search

Speed is of the essence in a contingent search, and OPI makes the most of it by continuously scourging for talent until we find the right candidate who fits your hiring needs.

Retained search

Dedicated recruiters who are constantly working towards achieving your organization’s recruitment goals.

Contained search

A high-performance recruitment model which combines the benefits of retained and contingency searches and provides performance guarantee.

Executive search

Helping organizations build superior leadership teams by identifying future ready leaders who share the same values as your organization.

Outsourcing Partners Inc. (OPI)

By taking a personalized approach to staffing, OPI adapts its services to your company’s hiring needs. Our exceptionally talented recruiters focus on providing fewer, higher quality candidates so that you aren’t overwhelmed with too many resumes. With a large pool of vetted candidates, we find people who can thrive in the role, excel at tasks, and contribute positively towards the company vision.

Industries we serve

Whether you are looking to hire talent full-time, contract based, or freelance, OPI has got you covered.

Information Technology

With our exceptional connections in the IT industry and deep understanding of all technical aspects, hiring the right talent for your company becomes incredibly easy.


Our engineering recruiters understand the unique challenges that come with securing professionals in the industry. We find candidates who have the right technical skills and can drive your business success.


The networking job market is strong, and we always have our fingers on its pulse which helps us hire the best talent.


OPI has dedicated recruiters who pool and vet telecommunications professionals that fit your recruitment needs.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Our recruiters leverage endless resources to find candidates in the healthcare industry who are the right cultural fit in your company.

Accounting & Finance

Numbers define your business, but it’s the people who define your success, and OPI can help you find the right people in accounting and finance.


When it comes to hiring manufacturing professionals, we can help find employees that can meet production goals and improve overall ROI.


From major auto manufacturers to suppliers, whenever anyone in the automotive industry wants to find the best way to hire, they turn to OPI.

Consumer Services

By building a solid recruitment plan coupled with a focus on quality, OPI helps you find the perfect employees and build your brand reputation.

Media, Advertising & Communication

Finding the right creative fit for your organization can seem like a big challenge, but not when OPI is managing your recruitment needs.

Construction & Infrastructure

OPI’s flexible staffing services can help your company find talent across the different sectors of construction and infrastructure.


Offload all your Administrative Hiring concerns to OPI and we will get you the right person to pick up the slack and ensure you have the perfect support to your organization.

“I was contacted by OPI at a time when we had been struggling with a position which had been open for over 2 months and none of our vendors were able to provide us with good candidates for consideration. The team at OPI understood our requirement and provided us with a few choice candidates from which we were able to close the position quickly. The speed and precision of their work really had us impressed.”

Human Resources Manager at an IT Systems Integrator, Texas.

“I want to congratulate you for an awesome activity of supplying the right candidates to us. We have been extremely lucky that the candidates you sent have dependably worked out well. OPI connects with us each time we put in a requisition to understand in detail what it is we are looking for. They go beyond the written word, never lead us on, and keep us updated on the status with respect to our requirement."

President of a mid-size manufacturing firm, New Jersey

“We are proud of the dedicated service provided to our business by Outsourcing Partners. We can be confident in their experienced and professional team to ensure that each and every recruitment drive is a huge success. Their continued support through prompt service arrangements and service follow up is greatly appreciated by our team. Thank You OPI.”

Direct HR, California

“Having a strong understanding and experience in recruiting cleared candidates is essential in meeting our requirements. This was certainly the case in this instance and I will be seeking this level of experience in future engagements.”

Project Manager, Maryland

“Outsourcing Partners takes the time to understand the skills, responsibilities and hiring preferences our company needs when looking to fill a position. They always provide us with great prospects who come in and hit the ground running!”

VP Human Resources, Illinois

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