Administrative staff are the wheels that keep the car moving! When a company’s systems function smoothly; when there is law, order and strict compliance; when all the back-end work just seems to magically happen, that’s when you have a great administrative team. OPI will help you source the right combination of people who can get the job done; on time and right!

Hire administrative professionals with confidence through OPI!

All the right contacts, all the right places

Having been in this industry for over 10 years, we take pride in the contact base built in various industries and stratas of life. We source candidates on the basis of each company’s individual needs across the widest range of talent pools available.

What all candidates would we have access to

OPI maintains contacts amongst universities, agencies, special training programs and more. We leave no leaf unturned when it comes to finding the best candidates for every job. We aim to provide the most mutually- beneficial relationships between the employee and employer just as well, to aim to provide a long-term commitment by both.

Who can use OPI’s services?

OPI does not change its set value system on the basis of what type of company you are. Once you are partnered with us, we could be catering to a Fortune 500 company or a small and medium industry business, we strive to provide the best-suited talent to any company profile.

Successful Contractual Placements in Finance Last Year (2017)
Successful Recruitment in Finance Last Year (2017)

    How do we go about it?

    You can get in touch with us at any point in your hiring process. As we do this on the regular, we have steps and structures to help you gauge your requirements better as well. Once you hire us as your “job hunters”, we will help you from outlining exactly what you want to finding that person for you!

    Try until we succeed

    Staffing is our passion, and we don’t stop until we have closed all the vacant positions in your organization

    Effective Process

    With identification, analysis, planning, strategizing and execution, we are able to carry out the recruitment process effectively

    Ease of Mind

    We take the burden off your shoulders by assisting you throughout the entire process – from candidate sourcing to interview-scheduling and final negotiation

    Market Experience

    We have an extensive market experience, and we are also well-versed with the underlying requirements of the sector.