Construction and infrastructure are ever-expanding industries and every day there is a new challenge to be conquered with innovative ideas. As the sector boasts of plenty of big players, businesses are forced to improve their functioning and productivity to stay ahead of the competition. To enhance productivity, companies need an equally efficient workforce, and OPI provides you with exactly that. Our staffing solutions not only compliment your present business processes but also streamline your future business goals.

Construct the future of your company with OPI

More than just a staffing agency

All the staffing solutions offered by OPI are designed with the single aim of effortlessly accelerating your construction company’s business performance. We do this by finding the most suitable talent on contractual, temporary, or permanent basis according to your requirements. We can help you hire the right team at different organizational levels – From intern positions to the experience positions of managers, CEOs, and board members.

Identifying Skilled Construction Talent

OPI doesn’t believe in hastily closing the open job positions at your company by recommending the first candidates who seem to fulfil the job description. Instead, we take a systemic approach to help you through the entire hiring process. Our step-by-step recruitment strategy involves complete identification and analysis of the client’s needs followed by designing a detailed plan of action and execution.

We Hire for All

A number of leading construction companies have utilized OPI’s services for successfully closing diversified job roles such as labourers, field workers, structural and civil engineers, architects, project engineers, site supervisors, building inspectors, construction managers, surveyors, estimate engineers, and plant executives.

Successful Contractual Placements in Finance Last Year (2017)
Successful Recruitment in Finance Last Year (2017)

    OPI is more than just a supplier. We are your Partners

    We believe in partnering with you to make your seemingly difficult journey of recruitment much smoother at every step of the way.

    Cast a Wider Net

    From our wide talent pool, we select candidates after stringent assessment procedures which allows us to filter the ones exhibiting qualities to absorb your team culture and work ethics easily.

    Construction Lifecycle

    We hire quality workforce for initial project feasibility, planning, designing, construction and commissioning phases with utmost ease. We help private sector companies and public sector firms with their hiring needs, irrespective of their organizational sizes.

    Specialized Team

    OPI provides you its specialized recruiting team to exclusively handle your staffing needs. We know the complexities and intricate challenges wrapped around the field of construction and infrastructure closely enough to understand your unique demands.

    Faster Delivery

    With our extensive network, resources and cost-effective service offerings, it won’t take you months to find and hire the right personnel in this fast-paced industry.