Whether an organization is in the engineering (civil/electrical/mechanical/contracting) industry, it is crucial to incorporate latest engineering tools and technologies in order to always have a competitive edge. But hiring an efficient team of engineers to implement critical business processes is a big challenge, especially when they are already bogged down by their day-to-day internal operations. That’s where OPI comes into the picture with their specialized engineering staffing solutions.

OPI to the rescue!!!

Think Staffing, Think OPI

OPI has a skilled team of recruiters with expertise in staffing for the engineering sector. From freshers and junior-level engineers to the senior-most positions, we can find ‘the one’ for your firm in the shortest possible time. Our years of experience in staffing services has taught us that each organization has a distinct set of requirements when it comes to hiring candidates. Therefore we provide staffing solutions that are customized, flexible and in line with your recruitment goals as well as business objectives. We don’t stop until we staff the right engineers at the right time for the right roles in your organisation.

Covering every Engineering Demand

Hiring talented professionals for diversified engineering fields is a skill OPI has mastered with constant dedication. We are experts when it comes to finding the most suitable talent for any field, whether its mechanical, civil, production, aerospace, chemical, biomedical, design, environmental and pharmaceutical engineering. We can also help you in hiring for structural, industrial, electrical, oil and gas and many more engineering positions.

Staffing Right is our Passion

OPI’s comprehensive industry insights combined with large talent pool allows organizations to explore and hire highly talented breed of engineers. Each time we set out to recruit for you, we connect with excellent talent and evaluate them with the help of our cutting-edge resources. Instead of only assessing talent for skills, we evaluate them to find out whether they can fit into your existing team and company culture.

Successful Contractual Placements in Finance Last Year (2017)
Successful Recruitment in Finance Last Year (2017)

    OPI helps firms hire best-in-class talent

    Hiring the right candidates is as crucial for your business’s success as devising a new business strategy is. By partnering with OPI staffing agency, you are able to hire better talent because

    Hire Future Leaders

    Once you associate with OPI, you can expect to employ engineers who are future-ready leaders in this ever-evolving industry.

    Stronghold on the sector

    Our team of recruiters comes from diverse engineering backgrounds which enables us in understanding your requirements extremely well.

    It’s Different

    If experience hiring for Manufacturing, MEP as well as Speciality Contracting firms has taught us something its that one size doesn’t fit all.

    Diverse Experience

    From assistant project engineers and analysts to senior managers and supervisors, we have an impeccable understanding of every field.