How to Find Candidates through Niche Social Networks

How to Find Candidates through Niche Social Networks
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Promoting a job opening on social network platforms is cost-effective and the easiest way to reach out to prospective candidates. It is 2018, and people spend as much as 50 minutes every day checking social media. Social networks give recruiters the opportunity to get to know more about the prospective candidates in support of their academic qualifications and work experience.

Here’s are five ways that can help you find candidates through niche social recruitment networks:

1. Become members of job groups on Facebook
There are multiple niche job groups on Facebook that are free to join. Employers or recruiters post jobs there, which only the group members can view. It downsizes your search as you are sending the job application invitation to the niche you want candidates from.

The candidates contact you using your email address or Facebook Messenger, and you can take things forward from there.

2. Promote your job culture
Make your company’s account on all social media platforms. Ask your employees to review the work environment and how it is working at the company. Post creative images regularly and stay active.

Just like you check out candidates on social media, they check you out as well, and you surely want to create a great first impression. Some might even drop a message asking for any vacancy.

3. Post jobs on forums
Use niche forums to attract your candidates. Typically, in a forum people discuss about latest technology, a current happening in the world, and also get their doubts solved. Take part in these forums and win the trust of your prospective candidates.

And whenever there is a job opening, just post a requirement on them. Famous web developer forums include Stack Overflow and GitHub while famous marketing forums are Warrior Forum and Moz. You can also use Quora in the same way to explore your options.

4. Encourage employees to share posts from their account
Whenever you post a job opening on your company’s social media accounts, ask your employees to share them. You never know, a friend of one of your employees might be eligible for the job.

Also, social media posts get a huge reach. So by posting a simple message and asking five employees to share it, you can reach as many as 2,500 people.

5. Start the right conversation by using hashtags
Hashtags are everything on social networks. It is the easiest way to find your niche without having to search much. So if you are uploading a job opening for a web developer, at the end of your message put hashtags like #developerjobs, #jobopening, #xyzcompany, and #webdeveloper.

Candidates often search for jobs on social media and use keywords like this for it. Also, always sound casual because if you sound too formal, the candidate might not reply to your post thinking the work environment is too strict.

As a company who belongs to the 21st century, you must make sure that you are active on all different social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora.