Life Science

In the constantly developing field of life sciences & healthcare, where new problems and fitting solutions are invented daily, you need to ensure you hire the right people for the job. You need personnel who can constantly grow and learn for your company; as well as for their personal growth, with an undying thirst for knowledge and research, with a passion for helping mankind. OPI harbours just the right talent for all your hiring needs. Tell us where your vacancies lie and we’ll fill in the gaps!

Boost the productivity of your company with quality recruits from OPI!

Our fabulous data pool

Over the years OPI has successfully connected dozens of individuals from varied walks of life with their best suited career partners in the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector. From research analysts, medical professionals to teachers of science, OPI has been the right choice for many. You can use our services for a single hire or have us partners for all your hiring needs!!

All your demands will be met

OPI has deep roots in multiple communities, keeping our range of candidates wide and fitting an array of requirements. Our extensive data collection techniques help us find you the right candidate every time. The more demanding your requirements get, the easier it may be for us to find you the right match.

Each company is different

Two companies in the same industry might have completely opposite staffing needs. We understand this, which is why we cater to each company’s requirements individually. OPI customizes its hiring strategy for every company to find you the employees you need.

Successful Contractual Placements in Finance Last Year (2017)
Successful Recruitment in Finance Last Year (2017)

    Each customer is special

    Catering to multiple industries and an array of clients, we have always maintained our services to provide the best solutions to cater to each of our client’s needs. No one will go unserviced at OPI. Our managers will coordinate with you in a timely and structured manner to provide you with the fastest results.

    Unravel hidden candidates

    OPI has worked with Life Sciences & Healthcare professionals across the US and helped them connect with great employers for a long time. Now our clients can unravel the same gems simply by getting OPI to work your openings.

    You care, We hire

    OPI let’s our clients focus on their speciality while we focus on ours. OPI brings in quality candidates for client teams to consider while they go about their day-to-day tasks without being distracted by the pressures of hiring.

    Speciality Hires

    OPI maintains a close connect with the hiring managers to ensure that our recruiters have a deep understanding of what they are looking for. At OPI, we get our clients what they want and not what we want them to see.

    Quick Turn Around

    While our clients want to hire the best, we also understand that they want to hire now. A quality hire not done on time is as good as a bad hire. OPI ensures speed along with quality.