Media, Advertising & Communication

Your Media, Advertising & Communication personnel are the ones who will present your company to the world. Where you go, how you get there, who your consumers are and what they think about you is all essentially decided by the people residing in these fields. It is imperative for you to pick the right people for these jobs for this could be your make or break. We,at OPI understand the importance of this role. From the right content writers, reporters, journalists, social media experts to PR specialists, jingle writers and more, OPI is a one-stop solution to all your hiring needs.

Advertise your jobs effectively with OPI!

Are we really that well connected?

OPI is a globalized service. Our team constantly interacts with and widens its contact pools to find the right people every time. From agencies, colleges and special programs, marketing and advertising departments of multinationals, to fresh job seekers. As initiative takers, we will endlessly make new connections to keep finding you the best people for the job!

Have we done this before?

For years OPI has connected employees and companies, from catering to their simple needs to more challenging job descriptions. If you know what you want, we can find you anyone! If you don’t know what you need, let us use our experience to help you jot down your job portfolio.

Long term benefits

You can use our services for one hire, or for multiple. If you make us your hiring partners, you can enjoy long–term hiring services, without having to explain your company credo every time! Each time we would get more accurate with picks for your team, and probably even a team that is compatible with one another!

Successful Contractual Placements in Finance Last Year (2017)
Successful Recruitment in Finance Last Year (2017)

    Our methods, your cooperation

    To get the best out of OPI, we would need the best from you. Each company has its own requirements and we rely on you to give us complete details about all your needs. Once you effectively communicate to us all your candidate requirements, we will start our process of locating the right people for you.

    Communication is Key

    We keep open communication between client hiring managers and OPI recruiters to ensure that we get our clients precisely what they are looking for. We find qualified candidates that fit into our clients’ culture and environment like a hand in a glove.

    Recruit confidentialy

    OPI understands that our clients sometimes need to recruit from their competitors and advertising this fact is a certain death nail into the efforts. OPI can help them recruit confidentiality to ensure their best interests are served.

    Specialized Team

    OPI provides you its specialized recruiting team to exclusively handle your staffing needs. We know the complexities and intricate challenges wrapped around the field of construction and infrastructure closely enough to understand your unique demands.

    Time = Money

    Our networking staffing solutions are deadline-driven and cost-effective at the same time. Why choose between the two when you can have both.