Services Offered by Recruitment Agencies

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Services Offered by Recruitment Agencies

Services Offered by recruitment agencies 


Contingent Search

Contingency search is a low-risk way to find incredible candidates. By opting for our contingent search services, you only pay if you decide to hire the candidates shortlisted by us. Thanks to the incredible connections of our recruiters, they have the ability to fill even the toughest roles in your organization, through contingent search. With our own extensive database of  active and passive candidates, we are able to narrow down the search and shortlist candidates in record time. At OPI, we don’t believe in sending our clients a large number of resumes and taking a lot of your time. Instead, we pre-screen candidates at our end to send only the most appropriate and qualified ones. Our team of expert contingent recruiters extend a helping hand at every stage of the process, right from interview scheduling to candidate on-boarding. A well-thought out contingent search and execution methods are our biggest USPs.


Retained Search

With OPI’s retained search services, you pay an upfront fee to get a dedicated team of highly-skilled recruiters that work exclusively with your organization to close all the vacant positions. Mediocrity is something we don’t believe in and that is why we go above and beyond to find the right talent for your firm. If you want to close an important or senior position in your company as soon as possible, then OPI’s retained search services is the way to go. As soon as our dedicated recruitment team comes on board, we conduct an in-depth assessment of your hiring needs and create a customized recruitment plan for your organization. By connecting with talent in our database and other passive candidates, we make sure to forward you only the best, pre-screened candidates that are the perfect fit for the job and can join the company according to your set timeline.

Contained Search

When you are looking to fill in critical positions in your organization within a stipulated time frame, nothing is better than OPI’s contained search service. It is a combination of our retained and contingent search services, which ends up saving your organization both money and time. By opting for our contained search services, you get a dedicated team working exclusively for you, but you do not pay the entire fee upfront. Instead, you pay a small amount of the total agreed fees upfront. The remaining fees is either payable in stages or after successful hiring of a candidate through us. Hence, you end up saving costs even while utilizing maximum resources.

Executive Search

With OPI’s executive search services, you are able to close leadership positions in your organization in the most discrete and effective way possible. Through our executive search services, we help you find future ready leaders who share the same values as your organization and can take your business to a greater success. When it comes to filling leadership positions, we take our time to understand the strategic goals of your company, and the competencies expected from the ideal candidate. By taking advantage of our contacts, high level professional network, internal research resources, and industry knowledge, we are able to identify the right people suitable for the position. Our recruiters understand that when they are hiring for an executive positions, the stakes are high. That is why, they don’t just find the perfect candidate, but they also make sure to impress the candidate and sell your company to them. We talk to them in detail to explain why joining your company would be the right career move for them.


We also assist you in managing candidate expectations and serving as a trusted advisor throughout the recruitment process.